Friday, September 18, 2020

Love, Reborn... A Poem for the Preservation of Humanity

Love, Reborn
©  2020  Sy’needa Penland 

Never before have I stood
At the throne of the  
Divine Universe,
To request for the curse
Against the Soul of Humanity
Be Broken.
For each life taken
Will not be forsaken,
But shall become a token
To be bestowed to the
Most High GODS—
As they spare their rods
During the greatest
Planetary precessions
Of our lifetime.
As the Divine Heavens part,
To severe our broken hearts,
Know that your loved ones,
In Divine Spirit,
Is just a breath away…
Love, Reborn,
Mends a soul scorned
By the treachery of hate.
As Divine Love conquers all,
We shall evolve into
The manifestation of
Divine Love— For All.


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