Saturday, August 8, 2020

"White Privilege", a poem to preserve the dignity of humanity!

White Privilege

©  2020 Sy’needa Penland

In careful examination of the Constitution,
Via Amendments and a Declaration
For a peaceful resolution
To resolve differences between
The Have and Have Nots;

I presume the drafters forget
To include the vision of those
Kidnapped, held in bondage
And enslaved to aid
To their prosperity—

That one day,
They would be free,
Upon established laws
To aid in their freedom and liberty,
As well as, provide a clear path
To independence and prosperity.

Yet these sons of Kings
And long-standing dynasties…
Hundreds of years later,
Their descendants are still fighting
For such rights, to further escape
“Mentality Slavery”… To say the least.

The Enlightened ones of the past
Knew that their fortunes
And freedom could not last,
Unless they acknowledge
Who in fact, made it so.

For their riches to be acquired,
In fulfilling their desires to be like
“The Richest Man in Babylon.”
Whose slaves rose upon the rising of the Sun,
And rested when the Moon arose,
To thank them for all the seeds sown—
To prove that their labors were appreciated
By the Highest GODs.

As the Mighty Rod is no longer spared,
And humanity is left in disrepair,
May Christ have no mercy
On their wretched souls.

One story of the ancients left untold,
Is that the Divine Universe shall unfold
Its blessings into the hearts and minds
Of melanin skin— to reinforce Earth’s
Willingness to begin again,

And aid in the absorption
And forgiveness of immortal sins—
Not the self-destruction
Of the Human Race,
So Greed, Hate, and Fear
Does not rear its wicked face,
Ever again!

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