Sunday, August 30, 2020

"We Have Evolved," a poem for the preservation of humanity.....

We Have Evolved
© 2020  Sy’needa Penland

When the human soul
Finds itself at conflict
With its moral salvation,
The need arise to establish
Divine truce within.

To raise the vibration
Of faith, in devout prayer
Of forgiveness of immortal sins,
And forge a new path
For prosperity;

Rooted in Peace, Love,
And Compassion.
In support of,
Not the destruction of,
A fellow brethren’s
Dogged pursuit of happiness.

Yet upon establishment
Of Constitutional “laws,”
The great architects
Who vowed support
For their fellow brother,
Committed a blatant oversight—
Failed protection for thy sisters
And mothers…

As I reflect on their archaic past…
For their treaties did not last,
As secrets of their dark past
Now manifests in a
New Age of Enlightment.

As Divine Truth proves
To be self-evident,
That All Beings are created
Different— than previously expressed
In their theory… as “equal.”

As the modern-day sequel
Of scientific experimentation
Debunks the theory of creation,
Thus revealing measurement
Of our differences.

As contemptuous as it was to conceive,
The time has come for women
To inherit our birthright—
Divine entitlement to equal protection
Under ALL Laws;
While enduring responsibility
For the preservation of humanity.

As we manifest the fruition
Of their visions, and our
GOD-like intentions,
Let us proudly say,
“We Have Evolved.”

As our collective minds
Come together as One,
To solve ALL issues
Impacting humanity,
Today and tomorrow.

In celebration of our union,
We shall not weep in sorrow
Or regret, nor fear or fret.
We shall keep our eyes
On the prize— knowing that
The days ahead are better yet.

As We Stand United, As One Nation.

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