Sunday, July 12, 2020

"I Am American"... a heartfelt poem to aid in the Preservation of Humanity.....

I Am American
© 2020 Sy’needa Penland

If I was America,
I would take a stand
To preserve the Human Rights
Of every child, woman and man.

If I was America,
I would not take a bow.
I would arch my back—
Hold my head up
And teach the world how
To love, honor and obey,

And take a knee to pray
For all our sins,
And nourish the visions
Of the enlightened ones
As we begin again—

Not to repeat the mistakes
Of the past but at last
Forge a new frontier
For World Peace,
Love and Unity
For ALL of humanity.

If I was America,
I would pause
And open my eyes.
I would listen to all
My People’s cry.
I would strive to be all
That I was created to be.

If I was America,
My people would dwell in peace,
Love and harmony,
And proudly honor
The past lives of our ancestors
Who fought for freedom and liberty.

If I was America,
I would stand for righteousness
Of ALL Humankind
And never turn a blind eye  
To bigotry, hate
And the negative energy
Our daily lives create.

If I was America,
I would foster kindness,
Humility and love for ALL,
And like our greatest monuments
Stand tall— amid war,
Chaos and adversity;

As our collective voices sing high
To the Almighty Universe,
That WE are proud
To be an American,
As negative forces pass us by.

I Am American.

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