Wednesday, February 12, 2020

What Will it Take to End Deep-Rooted Racism in the Rural South?

  1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

Racism is a topic that continues to plague the American Soul, generation after generation.  Whether you have indigenous blood ties to this land, or you are seeking opportunities to expand with the synergy of major corporations that are the driving force behind Georgia’s rapid economic growth; you can’t avoid unwelcome encounters.   

Be it the dangerous, congested roadways during your dreadful traffic commute— with no clear vision in the forecast, to decrease the number of roadway fatalities; or the destructive encounters in convenience stores, chain restaurants, grocery stores or your local home improvement store— which was my recent encounter…  There are so many franchises who hire unpleasant, rude, and racists employees!!  #FACT

The older I get, the harder it is for me to hold my tongue… And fighting racism and discrimination in the Navy and District Court system for the past decade has helped me to sharpen it, but it boils my Cherokee blood and awakens my Warrior Spirit, each time I have a face to face encounter with the bad seeds this state continues to reproduce… the off breeds my grandmother warned me about!!   

No wonder the Democratic Party has chosen to host abortion campaigns here, what do they know that I need to know?!

I will spare you the details about my unfortunate encounter, simply out of respect for the store manager, who just happened to be of Korean descent.  As a military Veteran who served as a logistics planner in his home country, I have deep admiration for his culture, but I find it inexcusable for him to say, “It’s a Southern Thing…  I’ve learned to deal with it…” 

As if to shove off racism, simply because he knows Martial Arts, which I presume is his defense weapon. “Who is he going to fight… himself?!”  An employee’s job performance is a reflection of their leadership, good or bad!  Just look at our current political climate!!  I digress…

The more he insisted I go back inside the store, as he offered to stand by my side… as well as to ensure he meets his sales quotas… The more frustrated I became... I didn't need a baby sitter or personal escort... I needed a leader!!!  Then I exclaimed, “You don’t understand just how deeply breed this racists culture is here…”  Then I told him, his corporation has lost my business because it took a lot of physical effort and energy for me to go to that store, only to have my emotions triggered and my nerves stressed by a racist employee… is unacceptable. 

I’ve frequented that particular store for the past 10 years, and this wasn’t the first time I encountered racists employees… frankly, it’s gotten worse!

African-Americans have one of the strongest buying powers in the country.  It’s been proven by other major corporate giants… Even Popeye’s tested the culture’s buying power…  And it’s easy to say, “Boy-Cott!!” To redirect business elsewhere!!  #FACT

The only way to break the culture of racism is to teach it love and compassion… and in this case, to adopt the Zero Tolerance Rule throughout ALL corporate industries.

Yet with Home Depot’s strong ties to the military community, I’m deeply disappointed at how local employees treat military Veterans!!   As much as we do for our country!!

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