Monday, January 27, 2020

A Poetic Tribute to Kobe Bryant's Legacy... Rest in Heaven

Kobe, Who Art in Heaven
©  2020, Sy’needa Penland

My Dearest Kobe,
As your Divine Spirit
Is gracefully guided
Into thou eternal light,
Do not greet darkness
With ponder or fright,
As the lightning roar its thunder
This weary night.

Many have crossed over
Before you-- With accolades,
Titles and fame.  But few
Have met the challenge
That you’ve been selected to claim.

Kobe, Who Art in Heaven—
All transgressions are forgiven!

May the Divine, Loving Light
Greet you with much delight,
As your Star shines bright in Heaven—
And Gianna steers you to take
Your Rightful place, in thou
Divine Kingdom.

Rare occasions like this,
Dare I miss, as the Divine Universe
Greets you at heaven’s door.

You have scored your final pass.
At last, you have arrived
At your final destination,
As the celebration of your legacy
Shall live on, to infinity.

Ashes to Ashes,
Dust to Dust—

Thrust forward, dear child!
Do not be charmed 
By society’s lust,
To tempt your torn heart
To defend your honor.

As you must depart this realm
To join union with the Devout Fathers
Of the Ages, whose legacies
Are recorded by the Great Sages,
To be honored in historical pages.

For your service has just begun,
As Son's take the role of Fathers,
Under the Rising Sun. 
Your teamwork is never done.

As your Spirit now rest
In thy Heavenly Kingdom.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Cast into Thy Soul, a Poem for the Preservation of Humanity

Cast into thy Soul
© 2020  Sy’needa Penland

Cast into thy Soul,
Infinite Wisdom and Divine Light.
Cast into thy Soul,
All the Powers that balance the Universe,
When day becomes night.

Cast into thy Soul,
The protective Spirits of the Angels
Whose Divine Stars shine bright.
Cast into thee,
The Breast Plate of the Gods
As well as their spears.

Cast into thee,
The Sacred Wisdom of the Seers
And the Ancient Magic of Sorcery.
Cast into thee,
The Forbidden Spells of the Magicians
And the Potions of Divinity.

Cast into thee,
The Great Shield,
To protect and balance
The Inner Dimensions of Earth,
As she takes her place in Heaven
And yield to the Universe.

Thou Soul has risen
Many times before,
As old scores are settled;
The conning of many more.

Witchery’s Brew is what I do,
Call it what you will
But my Free Will calls it Love.

Cast into thy soul,
Your tormented Earth,
As she becomes fermented inside of me.
I cast into thee, thy soul,
As we conjoin our halves
And become whole,
To give birth to
          … New Heavens
          … New Stars
          … New Universes

I hereby render thee,
All curses broken,
And our union becomes a token
To Humanity;
As I give birth to you,
You give birth to me;
Delivered Divinity.