Thursday, November 28, 2019

Fired Navy Secretary, Richard Spencer, Slams Trump after Making a Command Decision to Allow Navy SEALs to Remain in Elite Unit...

Good Order and Discipline… is a phrase often tossed around when senior military (civilian) officials attempt to bring ORDER within the “rank and file.” Usually whenever a subordinate breaches traditional protocol, disobeys the UCMJ, or seek help outside the Pentagon’s iron curtains to shed light on a particular situation; subsequently resulting in Whistleblower Retaliation for bucking the system.

My Whistleblower case was over 10-years ago, and telling by the ongoing news coverage promoting Navy Seal, Chief Petty Officer Gallagher’s situation, not much has changed!! 

As highlighted in the second half of my memoir, “Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice,” when you take on the Navy’s in-justice system, you will ultimately be forced to face the powers that be in the office of the Secretary of the Navy… be prepared to be raked over the coals. 

Luckily, with the assistance of President Trump, Chief Gallagher will be victorious in eluding the Navy’s Board of Inquiry process, to fully retain his Trident Warfare insignia without further inquisition, and retire with full honors and his hard-earned pension intact… We’ll know in a few days.

My thoughts on the Navy's ideology of Good Order and Discipline

When one of the recent articles came to my news feed, regarding Trump’s initial pardon, I was unaware of the allegations surrounding the injustices of Chief Gallaher’s legal proceedings.  I’ve been off the grid for a while and I haven’t followed this case, until now…

Not to rehash all the news coverage, but as a Navy Whistleblower, I was targeted in the worse way by members of the Navy’s JAG Corps Community and top Pentagon officials, when I broke protocol and reported evidence of my immediate superiors’ fraudulent activities to the DoJ Anti-Trust Division. 

Unfortunately, one of the DoJ’s senior prosecutors had informed me that he was ordered by his boss to “drop” his investigation into my 2009 Qui Tam claim. 

For the record, the evidence I’d mailed to Shane to substantiate my claim was never investigated, and the case was later recorded as being closed; which proves the TRUE POWER and REACH of top Pentagon agents.  I digress…

Since Chief Gallagher’s public plea, I’ve reached out to several male Veterans, across the Armed Services to get their opinion on this matter, and each of them agrees that Gallagher’s actions (showcasing his kill) do in fact, violate “Good Order and Discipline,”….. but so does colluding and intentionally defrauding the government with defense contracting mismanagement and scams!!!

I consider this to be a very sensitive case because the Navy Seals are professionally trained killers, and even the top elite billionaires take pictures “showcasing their kill” in their art of game warfare. 

As a Spiritualist, I do not condone the actions of taking the life of another being, but as a realist… and Veteran, War is War. 

Haven had my career come to an abrupt end over elicit photographs, I will offer some professional advice to active duty service members… “Not all actions need to be photographed, recorded, or broadcasted!!” You can become Facebook famous after your discharge or retirement!!  And be careful who you loan your recording devices to!!!  I digress…

Yet if the former Secretary of the Navy is truly concerned about preserving Good Order and Discipline within the ranks, why not pursue the other “bad guys”… the Navy’s professionally trained thieves!!!    

Looking back, there were far too many senior Navy officers who escaped prosecution for their involvement in the Fat Leonard Fraud and bribery Scandal, and the SecNav simply turned the other cheek?!!  I digress….

In my view, the case against Chief Gallagher finally sheds light on the Navy’s unlawful retaliation practices, and cruel and excessive punishment towards service members who blow the whistle on injustices, prior to their discharge or retirement. 

Throughout my legal proceedings, I was threatened by a number of senior Navy officials, stating that I need to be “punished”… this was a year prior to my trial, and their ongoing retaliatory acts against me were in blatant violation of the Civil Rights Act, as well as Good Order and Discipline!!  Even the Convening Authority stated that he wished I’d rot in prison!!!

To reexamine my case, through new lenses… “what was my actual crime?!” …. “reporting their unlawful actions and forwarding evidence to the Navy Inspector General, and later DoJ, or having one glass of wine too many, in the privacy of my home, as a single woman, and being too intoxicated to recall the actions that took place leading to nude photograph?!!   

Yet I must agree with former Secretary Spencer, that Good Order and Discipline does need to be restored in the Navy… but when the top brass sets poor leadership examples, what do you expect?!!!

Unfortunately, when you evaluate the behaviors of every service member, you will likely discover thousands of married active-duty service members engaging in extra-marital affairs, just ask the JAG Officer who prosecuted my case, how many affairs he’s been involved in… even while prosecuting me!!!!!  I digress….

My advice to the Top Brass….. “If you are going to CLEAN HOUSE… Don’t half-ass… CLEAN HOUSE!!!… not just a corner… And DON’T CRIPPLE OUR STRONGEST FIGHTING MEN (or women) in the process!!!

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