Friday, September 27, 2019

As we come to celebrate this time in America's Political History, upon the "Test or Defeat" of her current Administration, leaves me to beg one simple question.....

Yahoo News reports,

WASHINGTON – The Ukraine scandal enveloping President Donald Trump's administration could provide the biggest test yet for one of his most loyal soldiers.
Vice President Mike Pence's name has surfaced in the appendix of the explosive whistleblower report released this week. And Trump pointed out Wednesday that Pence had his own interactions with Ukraine's leaders.
As the Democratic impeachment inquiry focused on Urkaine moves forward, Pence could be pressed to disclose what he knows about the Trump's dealings with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the effort to push Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump's actions show he betrayed his oath of office, the nation's security and the integrity of elections.
White House officials deny that Trump pressured Ukraine to do anything and note that the whistleblower said he did not witness most of the events described in the nine-page report.
Here’s how Pence has been brought into the debate:
Whistleblower complaint
Pence is mentioned once in the declassified version of the whistleblower complaint, in an appendix giving more information about the events leading up to Trump’s July call with Zelensky.
In mid-May, the whistleblower learned from U.S. officials, Trump instructed Pence to cancel his plans to attend Zelensky’s May 20 inauguration. Energy Secretary Rick Perry went instead.
That detail was given in the context of officials telling the whistleblower that it had been “made clear” to them that Trump didn’t want to meet with Zelensky until he saw how the new leader “chose to act” in office…….
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Food for thought:  In a recent comment, Acting Director of National Intelligence, Mr. Maguire stated, “We must protect those who demonstrate the courage to report alleged wrongdoing, whether on the Battlefield or in the Workplace

So…. Of course my thoughts on this particular “International Whistleblower Scandal” remains the same…..  After years of reporting countless examples of grave injustices throughout every facet of our federal agencies…..  And of course, having personally experienced Blatant Whistleblower Retaliation, in the Military Workplace, which felt like I was on the Battlefield…. I digress… Leads me to beg the ultimate question…. “Does Federal Whistleblower Protection only extend to certain agency personnel or the “privilege” class?!  Yes, I just played the Race and Gender Card!!!

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