Friday, May 31, 2019

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PRAY FOR LAURYN - By Chosen King

I'm doing more than praying for my Soul Sistah Lauryn, I'm asking the Divine Universe to Bestow Supernatural Loving Blessings into her Spirit, Mind, Body, and Soul!! 

Praise GOD!! 

We are living in Divine Revolution and as Lightworkers, we are taking on a Higher Divine Purpose to help Salvage the Virtues of the Human Soul... aka Earthlinks, as our creativity is being inspired beyond belief, with the CURRENT Planatery ALIGNMENT of the Cosmic Universe. 

#May our Crystal Light Forever Shine!!! 

Just look up in the Sky and see for yourself, or upload the app (SkyView Lite) to view the current planetary alignment... It's truly Divine!! 

I've written and published several volumes of poetry about our Divine Star Systems, and we are all going through a Divine Healing, to no longer suffer in the trials of our past!! Or the trials and tribulations of our ancestors... 

My Dear Lauryn, I wrote a poem for you, when you were being punished by the injustices of our "federal justice system." Trust me, I know what you were going through because I'd been punished by the Navy's injustice system and I wanted to give you moral support,
for defending your virtues of holding someone else to a higher moral code of justice, why you could continue to be a more soulful creative artist!! 

When I was punished by the Navy's injustice system, for defending the virtues of
Righteousness, it was my R&B Soul Sistahs and Your Soulful words of wisdom,
along with Maya Angelou, Nikki Giavonni, Sonya Sanchez, Paul Dubar, Langston
Hughes, and so many other legends who helped remind me of Who I AM, and the new
path I must follow... Most times, ALONE!! 

This society has become a predatory society and it makes our work as "LIGHTWORKERS" more difficult, yet as you professed, you have the SPIRIT of GOD (thee ALL COLLECTIVE) ON YOUR SIDE!! 

Divine Praise to Mother Universe... She will always rebirth our soul in
Divine Timing ;) 

To my DIVINE Sistah, of the SPIRIT of AIR, I shall carry your desires within the Winds of my Abyss, this Solstice Season, Within the Divine Mist of my Waters, I shall sing in praise, of the Divine, with you!! 

Be thou forever blessed, 10-fold... Infused within you, and all that you do... I bestow
a Pearl of Wisdom, to always carry with you, to speak of the triumph of your
Divine Trials and Tribulations, and may you continue to nourish the Divine
Light of Love within, as well as those you hold dear to you, as well as those
that you have inspired with your craft of music!! :) 


Divine Light...
Divine Light... 

Divine Light... 
Carry her wish this very night! 

So Shall it Be!!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Almighty Universe, a poem for humanity...

Almighty Universe
©  2019  Sy’needa Penland

As I encapsulate the soul of the Earth—
Almighty Universe,
Eternal darkness envelopes her soul.

Shine thy Divine light through thee,
She pleads, show me the pathway to Divinity
40 days, 40 nights, 40 moons
She lies in blood,
Surrender is her ultimate fate.

As Jupiter’s shining Star appears upon the horizon,
To guide her soul into deliverance—
She embraces the Sun, upon defeat,
And take her rightful place in the Star galaxy,
To live on to infinity.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

A Poem for HUmanity... "Will You Miss Me, When I'm Gone!"

Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone
©  2019  Sy’needa Penland

Will you miss me when I’m gone?,
Cried the unsung hero
Who lay wounded on the battlefield,
While his comrades take a kneel
In honor of their Freedom.

Will you miss me when I’m gone?,
Cried the dying soldier to his grieving wife,
Whose is pressured to end his life,
As he rest, in a coma—
Stuck in a dimension in time
That triggered his trauma.

Will you miss me when I’m gone?,
Cried the vagabond, as he wanders
Into the night— Out of sight;
His shadowed reflection
Stands tall under the moonlight.

Will you miss me when I’m gone?,
Said the Phoenix,
As she rises from the ashes
To earn her angelic wings,
While the Arch Angels sing
Songs of Glory, to tell her story,
That her job in Now Done!