Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Michael Jackson Talks to Oprah Live Interview 1993

Wrinkle in Time
(Dedicated to the Legacy of Michael Jackson)
©  2019 Sy’needa Penland

If there was ever a Wrinkle in Time,
I wish I could erase,
It would be to dissolve
The countless lies
That’s been told about you,
So Heaven can find you space.

So many words, you’ve written,
To describe how you feel,
And the composition of your
Timeless melodies
Shall reinforce a heart of steel.

As time, never truly heal
Old wounds, as more acid
Is poured onto your soul,
May your Spirit soar
To the depths of the Universe,
Who shall release your curse.

As your legacy, is restored,
And all curses are lifted,
Be the guiding like from above,
To always inspire the gifted.

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