Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My Sage Advice to My Younger Self... "To Know thyself... Is to Love thyself...Is to Celebrate thyself!!"


   Guide Stones of Life
       ©  2019  Sy’needa Penland

            When principalities and reality
          Of the Divine
          Guides a sovereign heart
          To absolute truth
          Morality of the soul
          Shall never part

                   To Know thyself,
                   Is to Love thyself—
                   Is to Celebrate thyself.

          For the basic guide stones of life
          Lies before your very eyes,
          When you gaze at the starry skies—
          The many constellations
          Of the Divine Universe, circles
          Above, Below, and Within you.

          With each breath you take
          Celebrate rebirth,
          Upon thy Heavenly Earth—
          For the Divine Universe
          Does not wait 365 days
          To honor you.

          The human soul is honored
          Each and every day,
          When she celebrates
          Her very existence.
          For without the human Spirit,
          To balance the dimensional polarities
          Of thy Earthly Universe,
          Divinity would be a lonely soul.

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