Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Profound Message to Humanity.... Let's Start This New Year Off With a Bang!!! "Vibrating at the Highest Frequency of Divine LOVE!!".... We have no other choice!!

So Much Love to Give
©  Sy’needa Penland

Receive me as I AM,
Your Grace.  For I bow
To your heavenly throne.
In request for you to erase
The transgressions
Of the built up aggressions
That has plagued thine
Inner soul
As more lies,
Entwined within
The stem cells of humanity
In each dimension
Of thy beloved Earth.

Let not her wrath
Repent in Karma,
Which lives on
To infinity—
Let the Loving Light
Of Your Divinity
Resonate to the
Black Heavens above.

For the Gift of Love,
Is all I ask for,
As only you can give—
As I forgive
All transgressions
That has been committed
Upon thy Earth
And shall close this chapter
Of your Divine Rebirth.
We shall meet here again,
On better terms,
For there’s so much more
To learn—
And So Much Love to Give.

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