Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My Sage Advice to My Younger Self... "To Know thyself... Is to Love thyself...Is to Celebrate thyself!!"


   Guide Stones of Life
       ©  2019  Sy’needa Penland

            When principalities and reality
          Of the Divine
          Guides a sovereign heart
          To absolute truth
          Morality of the soul
          Shall never part

                   To Know thyself,
                   Is to Love thyself—
                   Is to Celebrate thyself.

          For the basic guide stones of life
          Lies before your very eyes,
          When you gaze at the starry skies—
          The many constellations
          Of the Divine Universe, circles
          Above, Below, and Within you.

          With each breath you take
          Celebrate rebirth,
          Upon thy Heavenly Earth—
          For the Divine Universe
          Does not wait 365 days
          To honor you.

          The human soul is honored
          Each and every day,
          When she celebrates
          Her very existence.
          For without the human Spirit,
          To balance the dimensional polarities
          Of thy Earthly Universe,
          Divinity would be a lonely soul.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

EXCLUSIVE | R.Kelly & Carey Kelly were TOUCHED at age 6 & 10 by their Older Sister Theresa Kelly.

Now I see why the Divine Universe wanted me to wait until the dust settles to tune in to this issue.  This interview was so heartbreaking, I couldn't listen beyond the 12 min. mark.

I personally know people who were molested as children and became sexual predators themselves, throughout their lives, as well as promiscuous.  I guess in their minds, they are doing what was done to them, or they view it as normal behavior because it happened to them.

During this time of Divine Healing for Mother Earth, I'm asking for a Special Prayer Request for ALL SURVIVORS, of ALL CONDITIONS, be it mental or sexual abuse, racial or gender abuse, it doesn't matter, I'm just asking that DIVINE LOVE heal HUmanity, once and for all!! <3 <3 <3 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Master P Reveals ALARMING Info About R.Kelly and His Alleged Victims Parents...

This video was on my Youtube feed, and I briefly listened to Master P's comment and I must agree.  I don't have to brain space to read more about this story or watch videos or more interviews about this situation simply because it's my FREE WILL.

At the end of the day, when the dust settles... Why is he the only one on public trial for this type of alleged behavior.. What about other men, people in general, who prey on little boys, and girls?

On that note... I will still listen to his music, simply because he's a good artist and GOD has a way of healing folks from the inside!!  In this life, or the next!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Profound Message to Humanity.... Let's Start This New Year Off With a Bang!!! "Vibrating at the Highest Frequency of Divine LOVE!!".... We have no other choice!!

So Much Love to Give
©  Sy’needa Penland

Receive me as I AM,
Your Grace.  For I bow
To your heavenly throne.
In request for you to erase
The transgressions
Of the built up aggressions
That has plagued thine
Inner soul
As more lies,
Entwined within
The stem cells of humanity
In each dimension
Of thy beloved Earth.

Let not her wrath
Repent in Karma,
Which lives on
To infinity—
Let the Loving Light
Of Your Divinity
Resonate to the
Black Heavens above.

For the Gift of Love,
Is all I ask for,
As only you can give—
As I forgive
All transgressions
That has been committed
Upon thy Earth
And shall close this chapter
Of your Divine Rebirth.
We shall meet here again,
On better terms,
For there’s so much more
To learn—
And So Much Love to Give.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

~~~Interesting Video....And clearly explains the War Against the Feminine Divine~~~

"Unite as ONE Human Race"...... A Divine Message to Humanity

Unite as One Human Race
©  2019 Sy’needa Penland

My first message of the New Year,
May it greet you with Divine Love
And Good Cheer—

For the past is now behind us,
As we shall no longer fuss
Over who’s most superior
To be the caretakers
Of our beloved Mother Earth.

History has proven itself!

As Mother Earth receives
Devout protection
From the Divine Universe

Collectively, we shall mend
Her broken heart,
Not even the energy of Hate
Can tear us apart—

As we Unite as ONE Human Race.

For in her Heavenly Dimensions
She has no place
But for only Love!