Friday, September 14, 2018

"All-Seeing Soul,"...... A poem on the preservation of humanity...

All-Seeing Soul
©  2018  Sy’needa Penland

Polarities of the heart
Shall not tear us apart,
We’ve been down this road before,
Centuries ago,
When we last settled old scores.

As our young, continues to die young,
Who can we count on
To fight our ongoing battles…
“Artificial Intelligence?”

Yet, here lies the problem,
Artificial realities of the human mind,
That remains blind
To matters of the heart.

As the Soul of the Universe,
Brings collective life back together again,
We shall live as One Being,
Under the Great Spirit
Of the all-seeing soul of thy Mother Earth.
For her body, encapsulates all life form
Within her Divine Essence—

As generations, come and go;
As she recedes with her tides;
As her mountainous empires rise
And falls, to become flatlands
For man-made battlefields;
As her airspace absorbs all that mankind
Has left to offer;
As the human race continues to be defiant
To our Divine Creator— We shall awaken
The Spirit of Father Time.

For Father Time, is the timekeeper
Of the Universe’s soul,
As he awakens her to end the race
That will no longer be part of
Her loving tapestry,
As she prepares her fertile Earth
To rebirth loving and compassionate beings,
To become ambassadors of LOVE.

Let us not look above for salvation,
Let’s look within, to repent for the sins
Of the past, present, and future,
As our super-human strength
Is put to the ultimate test, to soothe
The soul of the Universe to rest.

Let us strengthened our hearts
With love and compassion,
To become an everlasting
Species, to thrive upon thy Earth. 
In our collective being, we shall trust,
Not to repeat the will of the past,
Or self-destruct, but fulfill our destiny,
To preserve humanity! 

Once more!

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