Monday, August 27, 2018

When Hate tries to overpower my senses, "I shut it down" with poetry… This poem was inspired by the racial tension that is growing in my hometown, Buford, Ga.

The “N” Word
©  2018  Sy’needa Penland

Growing up in the Deep South,
The “N” word was seldom heard.
The sting of its resonance, Today,
Could steer an angry herd—
Large masses, of different
Economic classes,
Who are deeply offended by
The use of the word nigger!

Especially when it’s used
In the same context of
Pulling a trigger…
“I’ll shoot that nigger if they let me!”
Which has the same impact as
Seeing a black corpse
Hanging from a tree.

So what does the use of the “N” word mean to me?

Never would I want such a word
To be spoken from my lips,
Unless I want to take a trip
Down memory lane,
When the “intent” of the word
Is just the same.

Today, no one is to blame
Because it affects us all the same.
If only the word could be outlawed!
By moral law, of course,
To define the true intent 
Of the source, of hate,
Which is the stirred emotion
Of what the word creates.

We need to use words like
Love, Peace, and Unity
Throughout our communities,
To change the discord of hate.
We are the positive or negative energy
Of what our words and actions create.
Humanity is on the edge of
No longer is the human heart
Under construction
To mend the wounds of time.

No longer will we be blind to Hate!
Together as ONE race, we shall create
A frequency of Divine Love
That will resonate with the GODS above
That there is still hope for us yet!!?

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