Thursday, August 23, 2018

When the Divine Universe sends her love for hate, it is a message for humanity to change its tune.... or shall I say, "Wicked Ways!!!"

I’m Delighted to Say, I Love You
©  2018  Sy’needa Penland

Great Goddess of thy Universe,
I return to you— Broken,
Like the crystalline particles
That balances thy beloved Earth;

The constant thrust of
Human emotions have pierced
Through to my loving soul,
As I escape the inferno
Of your dying love to save humanity
From its self-inflicting insanity.

Hateful slurs…
Wicked emotions…
Aim for my heart’s center,
As the mind’s arrow dare to enter
My abyss— A near miss
Of thy Divine heart.

Hate, you are forbidden
In this sacred place
Where only infinite love
Occupies all time, and space.

As Divine Spirits are reborn,
Nourished by your wicked loathing
For all of humanity,
Loving Spirits of thy Earth
Shall preserve the souls of thee,
And humanity will no longer
Mourn for you—

As evil sin is forever cleansed
From thy beloved Earth,
The Divine Universe is delighted to say,
I love you.

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