Friday, August 3, 2018

"Only in America..." a poem about the reality of our daily lives...

Only in America
©  2018  Sy’needa Penland

Only in America,
Will a one-sided mind
Forever be blind
To love,
But would rather
Procreate hate,
Generation after generation.

Only in America,
Can you stare into
The hollow souls of hate,
To see the evil of what
The wicked minds create,
Generation after generation.

The Spirit of the Universe cries out,
As it bears witness to
The manifestations
Of a heartless mind
That is blind to the
Perils of humanity.

Only in America,
A place where unity is rejected,
And hate is resurrected,
And permeates into our daily lives
While fueled by the daily news
Which steers the energy
Of what we say and do.

Only in America,
Are children detained
At her borders, while separated
From their mothers,
Where their fathers seem
To have no voice at all,
While America’s President demands,
“Build a Wall!”

Only in America,
The so-called land of the free,
Where peace and love is rejected,
The true concerns of its people
Are neglected, as well as
Justice and Liberty.
And the systems that govern
“Race and its minorities,”
Defends the imbalances
Of a corrupted judicial system  
Of governing!

Only in America,
Where the powers that be
Will deny rightful citizens
The freedom to pursue
Peace and Unity—
At the expense of
Sacrificing the inalienable rights
Of the next generation,
As the corporate and political
Movers and shakers
Keep us divided,
Generation after generation.
Only in America.

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