Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Today.com reports, "NAVY veteran Heath Phillips, who survived sexual assault, speaks out!!"

Heath Phillips was just 17-years-old when he says he was sexually assaulted during several occasions in 1988 by a group of fellow sailors. He tells TODAY’s Megyn Kelly how despite reporting it to his superiors, he was called a "momma's boy" and told to "toughen up." After originally receiving a “less-than-honorable” discharge, Phillips fought for his dignity, and with the help of an organization called Protect Our Defenders now has a “more-than-honorable” discharge.


Food for thought:
Although Veterans are speaking out, Heath Phillips' case, some 30 years later, the conduct of the Pentagon's top brass will never change because they are given FULL AUTHORITY by Congress, to govern themselves!!

They have their own lawyers, their judges, their jurors, their courthouses, as well as their military prisons!!

Active duty military personnel suffer the most cruelty when they are RETALIATED against by their superiors for reporting crimes, 99% of the time, is when a crime is being committed against themselves.

While serving as a Navy officer, when I reported abuse of authority, to the Navy Inspector General, I was punished, court-martialed and sentenced to serve 60 days in prison, to teach me a lesson, to never challenge the Navy's top brass!! Even when they are committing crimes against the government!!

In 2011, when I began writing about my personal experience, which I later published in my memoir, "Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower's Fight for Justice," I extended my advocacy support to help other active duty Navy officers, try to make sense of their own experience, when they were retaliated against for reporting Civil and Human Rights violations.

What we all learned from our collective experiences is how the Pentagon blatantly ignores Equal Employment Opportunity Laws!!!!!

After challenging the Navy's abuse of authority in Federal District Court, when my case was remanded to the Board for Correction of Naval Records, for their failure in upholding my whistleblower protection, like Heath, they continued their Retaliation against me.

I finally received the Navy's decision to Judge Collyer's remand order, last year, and they admitted to over a dozen counts of Civil Rights violations but further denied my clemency request, and recommended that I file another Civil Action lawsuit. REALLY?!!! It's as if they are paid to abuse their authority because they can get away with it!!

I recently received a final decision from the Board of Veterans' Appeal (Board) acknowledging a chronic medical condition as a result of Whistleblower retaliation, which the BCNR denied was a result of the abuse of authority from my superiors. Again, REALLY?!!! Talk about Human Rights Violations!!!!!

As more and more Veterans speak out, I've learned that it will take an act of Congress, or the President to force the Pentagon's top brass to uphold the Constitutional Rights of our military servicemembers and respect the hard work they do for our country!!

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