Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"No More Wars," a poem on Reality.....

No More Wars
                ©  2018  Sy’needa Penland

            When are we going to open our eyes to see
          that violence is not the solution to solve
          the problems of humanity—
          Love is the cure for all sadness,
          all chaotic madness, and will bring about
          peace and gladness, within the human heart.

          No more wars,
          As our villages are torn apart.
          As our lives are ripped apart.
          As our hearts are cut open,
          to become auctioned body parts.

          No more wars,
          As the collective consciousness fight to
          open doors within the human hearts
          and minds, that are no longer blind
          by illusions of Truth
          When the reality of Truth, is that
          we were born of Source energy.

          Not energy derived from “artificial intelligence.”

          Soon, you will come to realize
          that the programmed hackers
          are the true attackers of consciousness.
          Yet they themselves believe the lies
          that they are the genius minds
          who remain blind to the hypocrisy
          of science, who profess itself to be 
          the foundation of all creations.

          As the Book of Revelations unfolds,
          Truth shall be told!!

          Yet WE, the collective consciousness are in fact
          the True God Force Energy,
          working in synchronicity
          as Galactic Orbital Dynamics, aka GOD,
           which keeps the world spinning.

          Yet the energy of the sinning flesh,
          seeks to attract and devour
          the flesh of another, which seeks to
          stake claim to the rightful inheritance
          of thy brother.

          So goes the story of Cain and Able.

          Yet the mythical beliefs— manmade fallacies,
          directs energy towards the notion that
          “my skin” is better than “your skin,”
          but in reality “my skin” is the skin 
          that commits the worse sins,
          Cardinal Sins, I must add.

          It’s a sad-day in modern-day reality
          that WE STILL CAN’T GET ALONG—
          Shall be the song that is praised to the
          Most High Angels, as they seek a better way
to save humanity… From ourselves.

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