Monday, June 25, 2018

"We Shall Overcome," a poem on forgiveness...

We Shall Overcome
©  2018  Sy’needa Penland

America has become
A breeding ground
For prejudice and hate,
Rooted from past transgressions
Of negative energy that creates
Division within all realms
of human existence.
Yet to fight the resistance
Of a peaceful heart,
Is to fight against your oppressor,
Which requires a certain degree
of measure— The fallout
from what our actions create.

It’s easy to say,
“Make Love, not War,”
As political parties seek
To settle old scores,
As they rally across America
From coast to coast,
To see who can raise hell the most—
While stirring the emotions
Of the masses, across all races,
Genders and economic classes;
As “Me Too” is being chanted
At the forefront of America’s
Domestic divide, encouraging
women (and men) to choose
the most aggressive political side;

To open old wounds,
To relive the moments she (he) chose to remain silent,
To submit to the desires of her (his) aggressor,
To surrender her (his) free will;
As her (his) body became a doormat,
As her (his) body became a sex object,
As her (his) emotions became suppressed,
As her (his) voice became silent.

As victims of sexual trauma
Break their silence,
To demand to be heard,
May the harmony of their every word
Sing throughout the Universe,
“We Shall Overcome!,”
And become the new mantra of the day,
As the energy of hate and chaos
Slowly fades away—
And old wounds are healed,
And transgressions are forgiven,
And an angry soul is put to rest,
Once more. 

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