Friday, June 22, 2018

My thoughts on Domestic Rape...

As Karmic vibrations continue to right the wrongs that’s been committed against humanity throughout antiquity, I must agree with the adage, “Be careful what you ask for.”   

As a devout scribe (poet), who seek to discern the energies that are transmuted and intertwined within my Earthly being, I asked to receive one final message before the Summer Solstice settles in,  about the “Evil that is Amongst Us.” 

Before scribing her final message, the Universe reminded me of her message that I transcribed after one of the Presidential Debates and the storm of media discussions about Trump and his sexual indiscretions, yet I was able to see through to the other side... Which I later posted in this YouTube video…   NOT EVERYTHING IS AS IT SEEMS!!!

The message was so powerful, that it took almost 10 minutes to scribe it, and even more time to fully transcribe it into visual imagery.

Unfortunately, the energy has manifested itself once again and is more powerful than before, this time around it’s using a disguise to prey upon our children, especially those that are being traumatized!!

As I send their somber voices amidst the wind, to the Realm of Divine Healing, I’ve asked for Supernatural healing upon thy Earth, so we can finally enjoy, Peace, Love, Unity, and Happiness, as ONE Human RACE!!

Not upon my flesh, her final message…

Not Upon My Flesh
©  2018  Sy’needa Penland

Not upon my flesh,
Shall your words
Pierce through to my soul,
Seeking to satisfy the desire
Of your cardinal sins;

Not upon my flesh,
Shall I welcome you,
As your words seek to seduce
The very essence that protects
The sacred chambers of my abyss.

Dare you attempt to steal a kiss,
To penetrate through to my heart—
My oceans torn apart
When Earth brought forth ecstasy,
To cool the passion of her soul,
As Divinity unfolds within.

I shall guard my flesh!
I shall not weaken my heart
To your fleshly desires!
Not upon my flesh, shall you prey!
Not upon my flesh.

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