Thursday, March 15, 2018

My latest poetry piece, "Save My Soul," Dedicated to the legacy of Dr. Stephen Hawking

Save My Soul
©  Sy’needa Penland
 As my Spirit cries out
To the Divine Universe,
Save my soul, from the chaos
That I’ve created, as new theories
Are being generated,
To prove that one theory
Is more advanced than another.
 Mother Universe, free my Spirit
From this wicked curse,
As time is set to go in reverse,
Set my Spirit free,
From the self-destruction
Of humanity.
I am but a brilliant mind,
Who was able to escape
The confines—  of society,
To explore my own reality,
To aide in the enlightenment
Of minds to come.
 Sun, as I come before you
To praise at the bequest
Of your almighty throne,
My Spirit shall no longer roam
The Earth.
 Rebirth my soul into the cosmos—
A place where the average mind
Is afraid to go— as I explore regions
Far beyond your galaxies.
 I fear not what is yet to come,
As I rise to the Glory of the rising Sun,
As your Moon shines into my soul,
To guide the light into the darkness
Of your vast Universe.


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