Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My latest poetry piece... 'GOD Particle'....

GOD Particle
©  2018  Sy’needa Penland

With my pen, I shall begin,
To unfold the layers of time

It was once a crime
To scribe how I feel,
Because delusions
Of the mind are real.

In my realm,
I feel what I see,
Cosmic energy
Of the Divine,
Who works in synchronicity
With the Galactic Universe,
To intertwine
All forces of nature.

Creatures of habit,
We have become,
As our energy rises and settles
With the Moon and Sun
Life begun
With but a single spark
From the Divine;
Fragmented pieces
of her heavenly galaxies.

I believe it has been recorded as,
The “Big Bang theory?”
Wow, what a journey,
As we try to fit the pieces
Of the puzzle back together again.

Some may say,
What a waste of time,”
As you use numbers
To unlock your minds,
In an attempt to decode frequencies
Cycles of the Cosmic Universe,
During Earth’s Divine mating season.

As my mind comes to reason,
Why our Spirits have become
More enlightened,
To better understand
The Essence of Mother Universe.

Yet when the mind
Seeks to calculate
That which is not natural
to his-her Spirit,
The entire Universe will hear it—
Miscalculation of a
Discombobulated mind!

When you release negative ions
Into the realm, that you call
“Time— Space— Void—  Matter”
You release something
That is unnatural to thy Earth,
As Divine Energy shatters,
To form new particles of her likeness;

As she empowers others,
To become Replicas
Of her Divine Essence,
To absorb your negative energy—
As their synergy is empowered,
They will become the living essence
Of the GOD Particle!

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