Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My latest poetry piece... "Shots Fired"... This one is long overdue!!

Shots Fired
       ©  2018  Sy’needa Penland

            Stand your ground, are the final words
          that echoes through the mind
          of a fallen youth, before their
          lifeless body falls to the ground.

          Shots fired, blares across the net,
          as panic reaches the desk—
          of the top brass, whose ass
          is on the line.

          Cops blind, to justice!
          Blind, to the emotions
          of the families who will bury
          their son (or daughter) too soon!
          Because they chose to
          stand their ground!
          To fight for justice!

          Isn’t this why we elect members
          to serve in Congress?
          To represent our rights,
          so we can sleep in peace at night?

          Or, are they paid to stand by
          for just the right moment
          to raise hell, in front of the cameras!
          While nothing gets accomplished!
          While the government shuts down!!

          Since the election of Donald Trump,
          watching political shouting matches
          has become the best prime-time entertainment
        yet I was more entertained, as a child,
            watching the classics of Donald Duck.

          But today’s youth don’t give a #uck
          about cartoons!!   Or politicians!

          Come high-noon— it’s all about survival
          in these means streets.  The way they see it…
          It’s either you or me!!

          So how do we create peace and love
          in modern-day America?

          When ancient scriptures are still guiding Us!
          When the laws are not upheld to protect Us!
          When the streets are designed to kill Us!
          When government science labs study Us!
          When the government schools
          and other systems deny Us…
          Fair Justice and Equality!

          And the last thing the Spirit hears
          before it leaves the lifeless body 
           of our children…....  Shots Fired!

                         How do we create Peace and Love…         
          We become it!!

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