Tuesday, December 12, 2017

CNN reports, "DOJ appeals ruling that transgender people are free to enlist in US military."

(CNN)The Pentagon said it will begin processing transgender applicants to the military on January 1 after a federal judge declined on Monday to put the deadline on hold.

Transgender service members are challenging President Donald Trump's memorandum directing the secretary of defense to bar transgender Americans from military service. The challengers have so far been successful in blocking the President's policy from going into effect while the lawsuit plays out in court. Their latest victory came Monday, when Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ruled that the government would not be "irreparably injured" if the January 1 deadline remained in place as the lawsuit continues.

After the ruling, however, the Justice Department appealed the judge's ruling to a DC-based federal appeals court.

"The government seeks a stay pending appeal of the portion of the injunction concerning accessions," government lawyers said in their brief filed late Monday. They argued that implementing "a significant change" to military standards for the composition of the armed forces even before a court decides the merits of the case would "place extraordinary burdens on our armed forces and may harm military readiness."

Justice Department spokeswoman Lauren Ehrsam said in a written statement: "Plaintiffs' lawsuit challenging military service requirements is premature for many reasons, including that the Defense Department is actively reviewing such service requirements, as the President ordered, and because none of the Plaintiffs have established that they will be impacted by current policies on military service." 

Full Article: http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/11/politics/us-pentagon-transgender-enlist/index.html

Food for thought:  Am I the only one connecting the dots here...  To see that Pentagon officials are preparing to fully integrate members of the “Transgender” community, to serve amongst the ranks of the “mentally unstable,” without full enforcement of Civil Rights Laws, and Human Rights protection?!

Congress, REALLY?!!  What Kool aide are you drinking?!!!

When I challenged my former bosses’ Civil Rights violations against me, in a Civil Action lawsuit, petitioned before the Federal District Court, on the grounds of Whistleblower Retaliation, Sexual and Racial Discrimination, and subsequently Human Rights violations, argued in a pro se motion, I wanted to establish a legal precedent, to send a message to the Defense Secretaries, to UPHOLD THE EQUAL EMPLOYMENT LAWS within ALL Branches of our Armed Forces, especially to ensure the protection of our next generation of fighting warriors!!!

Long before I was conceived, my Civil Rights and Equal Employment Rights were protected, but once I was assigned aboard ships, to work in a majority WHITE MALE environment, with some of the most racist and sexist men on the planet, my life was placed at risk, nearly every day, for 20-years of my young adult life. 

I was born and raised in the Deep South and I didn’t truly understand racism or sexism until I joined the Navy!!!!!

My enemy was not on foreign shores!!   My enemy slept next door to me in the berthing compartment.  My enemy walked past me in the passageways aboard the ships. My enemy lived next door to me in the barrack quarters.  My enemy worked alongside me in the WORKPLACE.  I looked into the eyes of my enemy every day, not knowing I was his or her enemy!!  And how I was persecuted at the end of my Naval career speaks volumes!!

With all the negative energy that is surmounting with America’s ongoing protest movements, be it; “The Rise in the Feminists against Sexual Harassment,” “Black Lives Matter” “Water is Life,” “Antifa,” “Dreamers,” and other social-activist groups that I’m not aware of, I’ve yet to hear the Voices of Human Rights Activists, to protest against sending our young girls and boys into harm’s way, to become victims of ongoing  military hate crimes; especially with a pending agenda to allow more women to serve on the front lines in combat.  And I’m sure at the top of the Pentagon’s list are Transgenders!!


I enlisted in the Navy, during the Pentagon’s “experiment” to first integrate women aboard ships, and my friends and I endured the worse imaginable incidents involving “bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, racial discrimination, and other blatant violations of our Civil Rights, and subsequent Human Rights!!”

Let’s not forget the thousands of female soldiers and marines that were raped and murdered during the Iraqi War.  These are stories that you don’t hear about nowadays, yet the family of PFC LaVena Johnson, reminds us of the tragic realization of sending our young girls into battle and not being told the truth of what really happened to their child, after they are raped and murdered, by the enemy!!

Hear their personal testimony…  

Statistics have shown that transgenders are the “under-represented” minority class in this country, and they are the ones that need the most Human Rights protection, especially in the Armed Forces!!!!!

Therefore, I am sending a personal plea to our Commander in Chief… President, Donald Trump, to issue an Executive Order for a Human Right Bill, to grant Human Rights Protection of our service members and Veterans, once and for All!!

Before we look back on this page of American history and regret it!!

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