Wednesday, November 1, 2017

"There is Still Hope For You," my latest poetry written in light of domestic violence, child-sex abuse, sexual harassment and other crimes committed against humanity!!

There is still hope for you!
©  2017  Sy’needa Penland

As I look into the hopeless eyes
of a traumatized women or children;
Bodies gasping for their last breath,
my heart weeps a somber cry
for PEACE.  World Peace!

Why must mankind
continue to live in fear
of his own self-created,
self-perpetrated evil?

Cardinal Sins committed
by his forefathers,
he longs to commit,
long to prove himself to be
better than the last man standing
which is his ultimate destiny. 

The last man standing,
in his war against evil;
War against himself.
I shall not repent for
the sins mankind
committed in the past;
As were foretold by his
ancient scriptures,
his modern-day playbook,
his evil script of life;
Revealing how the story
will end, time and again. 

But what is there to learn
in his cycle of delusion
that Humanity would not
lift the evil veil, to see
through his fabricated
illusion of Good?

Good does not exist
in a heart cast from evil.
Cast from a demonic possession,
cursed upon one who puts himself
above the Divine Universe.

Only decayed flesh,
a rotted soul, is the
companion of misery. 

For I shall pray, giving thanks
to the Most High and Below
that I am able to look evil
in his wicked eyes to say,
“There is still hope for you,” lost soul;
Demon casted out of Heaven!

There is still hope for you;
Decayed fleshSinister being!
There is still hope for you;
Companion of misery;
There is still hope for you

In my realm, my God, forgives All;
As she removes your evil’s stain
from the face of her Earth
and reincarnate you
in the name of Love and Peace. 

As she guides you along
the path of righteousness,
she shall remind you,
There is still hope for you!

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