Wednesday, November 1, 2017

#TheLateFeed: Diagnosing Discrimination, Part I

Wow...  I got chills while watching this.  It hit too close to home to my experience in the Navy while facing Retaliation as a whistleblower!!

It appears that racism is systemic throughout a number of high-level government agencies, which I point the blame at Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, who was tasked to "handle" my EEO investigation and of course, my claims were found to be "unsubstantiated!!'

I had to write a book about my experience, to share with the public, what really goes on behind the Navy's Iron Curtain!!  I digress....

I've had a chance to watch the full interview with the CDC EEO Director and this guy is a total loser and a paid puppet.   At the beginning of the interview, instead of answering Andy's question, he regurgitated CDC's mission statement.  Really?!!

Tune in for more updates!!!

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