Wednesday, November 1, 2017

"Rise of the Feminine Divine," my latest poem.... The more Evil Mankind commits, the stronger the Feminine Essence becomes!!! But I guess he already knows that!!!

Rise of the Feminine Divine
©  2017  Sy’needa Penland

Demonic possession of the human soul,
arose, Warriors of the Great Spirit;
Defenders of Truth, Justice, and Humanity.
Evil’s War against itself is the worse sin of all,
as Empires rise and fall;
It shall give birth to a new generation,
much stronger than the last.
Sins of the past, forgiven;
As the cleansing of Earth’s core begins.
She shall absorb all energy,
Good and Bad, for the purpose
of healing herself.  As mankind
wrestles for power and dominion
over oneself, The Feminine Essence Shall Rise,
Once again!!


Anonymous said...

Sy, You are truly a gifted poet and this life suits you.

Syneeda said...

Thanks, yes it does ❤️💋❤️