Sunday, November 26, 2017

My latest poetry piece, "Twin Flame," .... The Perfect Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy!!!

Twin Flame

 ©  2017  Sy’needa Penland

As you gaze into my eyes,
I’m mesmerized;
Entranced in love;
I’m hypnotized.

As you stare into
the pit of my soul,
galaxiesno longer
between us,
exists no more.

No more oceans
between us, as my
loving energy
comes ashore.

For you are the earth
to my rising seas;
the better half of me,
as my fire burns out,
synergy infuses
our flame of love.

Your air carries me
to the black heavens
of the Universe,
where my eternal flame
ignites the starry skies.

When I return to earth,
you embrace my
infinite being,
as rebirth of
your Spirit gives
new life to my
Divine soul.

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