Saturday, November 4, 2017

History is our current reality......

Spoils of War
©  2017  Sy’needa Penland

The Barons lay waste
to America's grace;
The pride of her people,
their War painted face.
Centuries long past;
The Battles of War;
Resurrected by Hate,
to settle old scores.

Along her shores,
blood stained memories 
of their history, 
fueled by greed;
Her False Liberty.
As the piper plays
a familiar tune,
along a path
that's dark and gloom;

Beware of the Baron's nature
as the sorcerer croon,
“Do you dare throw
in the face of thee,
contempt of your history?”
Your self-indulgence in lies.
To your own demise,
you will fall at the sword
of thee, in the face of
your own history!”


Anonymous said...

Sy, You are truly a gifted poet and this life suits you.

Syneeda said...

Thanks, yes it does ❤️💋❤️