Saturday, October 14, 2017

T.I & Jay Morrison TAKE IT TO THE STREETS AFTER Houston's Restaurant Controversy!


  1. Black rappers and hustlers always making noise!

  2. This is obviously a celebrity stunt where niggers are tyring to get paid! What a disgrace!!

  3. Anonymous, As much as Today’s music and other public entertainers disappoints me, no one deserves to be turned away from a public establishment in this manner.

    Yes, public etiquette does help, when you step outside your Urban Realm, but I’ve personally experienced blatant racism since I’ve returned home to Georgia, sadly, by other Blacks, working for White owned franchises.

    With so many people from all walks of life “migrating” to Atlanta, I’m glad that an entertainer like T.I. got involved to bring about public awareness on what to expect when you come to Atlanta!!!