Friday, October 6, 2017

NFL Star, Cam Newton, under fire for laughing at female reporter's question

When are American's going to demand an apology from Donald Trump's sexist comments against women?! "Grab them by the Pussy?!!!" REALLY?!!! Yet this comment and his erratic behavior are constantly being overlooked, meanwhile, he's still sitting at the helm of this country!!!

I watched Cam's press conference and, in my "professional" opinion, he was paying the journalist a compliment!! It's not often that women are front-runners in a male-dominated industry and for her to ask such an "in-depth" question, truly took him by surprise, as he clearly stated, he was surprised, that it made him feel weird, hearing a female ask such a question.

As a former Naval officer, who was forced to serve in a male-dominated environment, throughout my military career, my experience alone clearly defined SEXISM, AS WELL AS RACISM, and I addressed the issues about my mistreatment, as it relates to Civil and Human Rights violations (on the job) in a Federal District Court.

Cam Newton is a young man and he has apologized for a comment that was taken FAR BEYOND CONTEXT and its time to put this issue to rest. If anyone is offended about how women are being mistreated in this country, take it up with your President!!!!!!!!

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