Friday, October 27, 2017

My latest poetry piece, " Your Other Half, is Me"... Which will be featured in my next collection... Soon to be released....

Your Other Half, is Me
©  2017  Sy’needa Penland

A plethora of lies,
is where your plight begins,
as you continue to journey
along the path of human origin,
retracing your roots to mankind’s
original sin, which is said to be
where religious heritage begins. 
As wicked sorcery pours through
to the human soul–divine life unfolds;
Deeply rooted within the essence
of your skin, the origin of
my existence–begins,
As I rebirth your souls a new–
I shall lift the curse of tales of
man’s original sin; 
You shall enjoy the nectar of
my plentiful fruit, as I nourish your soul
and guide your Spirit in all that you do.
No more suppression of the mind–
eyes no longer blind by fallacies–
as I lift the veil to reveal truth,
you shall come to understand
that your other half, is me.

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