Thursday, October 19, 2017

My latest poetry piece, in honor of a Fallen Hero, "SGT La David Johnson," May you Rest in Peace!!

The Ultimate Sacrifice
©  2017  Sy’needa Penland

There comes a time
in our human sacrifice
that we must weep,
to honor the brave heroes
of our great nation, as they bequeath
true patriotism and true heroism
to a new generation
of fighting men (and women)
who keep our nation strong.

Let us sing a songof victory,
of what your sacrifice
means to me; as we stand
to pay tribute to your legacy,
as your memory lives on.

As we pay respect
to your grieving wife,
whose heart is torn
by your loss of life,
may she stand strong
in the days to come,
as your homecoming
help to mend America's strife.

As our Heavenly Universe
welcomes your return,
your service to our
nationwe must learn
what you died for represents
the ultimate sacrifice!

SGT La David Johnson,
I salute you!your family,
and most importantly,
your beloved Wife!

May you forever Rest in Peace!

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