Saturday, October 7, 2017

My latest poetry piece... "The Fertile Essence of Life"

The Fertile Essence of Divine Life
© 2017  Sy’needa Penland

Love liberates the soul,
is what I was once told,
as the Divinity of Life,
unfolds within;

Multi-dimensions of matter
lies beneath our skin,
organized as one body,
the perfect-blend;

Earth’s temples,
her pillars of Divine Life,
our connection to the underworld
exists within our daily lives;

Where chaos envelopes our souls;
Where sin seduces our minds;
Where hate controls our energy;
Where we are the reflection of ourselves;

Mirrored reflections
of hollow beings,
castaways from the
Divine Universe;

Warped in a combustion
of atomic energy;
Dwarf Stars–Ghostly beings,
inhabitants of thy earth;

Ghostly beings,
seeking to be rebirthed
into the likeness
of the I AM;

Who is said to be
the Divine Creator of All Life;
Yet human scientific theories
has barely touched the surface
of thy mystery;

To explore the true nature
of Divine Life, you must
travel beneath thy oceans;

To the pools of Divine Love,
the sustainer of all life,
within thy Heavenly Universe;

To the center of thy sacred abode,
the mystic jewel of humanity,
to rediscover,
The Fertile Essence of Divine Life.

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