Thursday, October 12, 2017

My latest poetry piece... "Burning Love"

Burning Love
©  Sy’needa Penland

The Divine Essence
of thy Universe
envelopes me,
Her sensual Essence
compounds me,
like the ore
within Her Earth.

As She rebirths
my Spirit into
the likeness
of the I Am,
Broken curse;

Risen from the depths
of Her soul within,
as She magnifies
Her Essence
which emits from
my melanin skin;

Cleansed of sins,
no longer am I
suffocated by the
energy of chaos;
For I exist within
All elements;

Silence is my sound,
I flow like the still Waters
within thy Earth;
Like the peaceful Essence
of Air’s gentle breeze;
All things are of me;

As my radiant Fire
fuels the passion
of Mother Earth’s soul,
tales of Her rebirth
shall be told;

Spoken from the mouths
of All living beings–
As Divine Essence
cleanse All – 
Spirits and Minds
No longer blinded
by fallacies;

Her Loving Beings
shall live their true
Divine purpose,
to sustain humanity. 

Peace on Earth
Rebirth of mankind;
No longer blinded
by your heart’s desire;
As Her Fire burns,
hate within human souls
burns out!

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