Thursday, October 26, 2017

"Military Whistleblower Protection," is sooo overrated, it's moreless corporal punishment!! The Pentagon's Inspector General Investigators simply gather the evidence you have against your bosses, to later use against you!!

I never shared this video because the reporter was dishonest with his intentions when I first agreed to allow him to cover my case; surrounding a Civil Action Lawsuit against the former Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, on the grounds of Whistleblower Retaliation, Civil, and Human Rights Violations, Racial and Sexual Discrimination.

The Navy rendered its decision in August, but I’ve decided not to do a follow-on interview, to share an update on my case, because of reporters like this guy!!!!!

After a nearly 3 hour interview, he and his producer (the cameraman) were more interested in seeing naked pictures of me, rather than learning the Truth about the evidence I’d uncovered to prove that my former bosses were, in fact, defrauding the government.

You can clearly see, from the camera angles that they came to my house with one thing in mind!!! Hoping to see Nude pictures, and probably more, they scheduled the interview in the late afternoon?!!!

After the interview, I contacted the station manager to express how uncomfortable they made me feel, and their intent was clear. A few weeks later, Fox fired Bill O’Reilly for sexual harassment and other related allegations, and that was satisfactory enough!!!

Yet, when SEX is on a person’s mind, oftentimes “Truth” is diminished.
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