Friday, October 13, 2017

Life's Lessons.....

As a gifted poet, I welcome inspiration from various sources, which helps to infuse my creativity, and below is a poem that was inspired by an encounter I had earlier today with members of different sects of the Christian faith, that appeared to have opposing views.  Interesting…

So, while I was at one of my favorite meditation spots, “The Park”, I was ambushed by a group of Jehovah Witnesses.   As a Free-Spirited person, I welcome people, and cultures, from all walks of life and I never turn down an opportunity to be "educated, entertained or mentally challenged"...   J

But today was not your ordinary encounter with members of this particular belief system because I learned quite a bit from them... Mainly their inability to expand upon a thought, beyond their written text that pretty much seem to govern the way they are supposed to live their lives. 

So after about an hour later, I departed the older gentlemen, only to encounter a “different” Christian believer, who'd spotted me talking to the Jehovah Witnesses and waited around to speak to me.

Instead of asking me what my personal views (beliefs) are, this particular "Christian," who was a middle-aged white guy, began to attack the Jehovah Witnesses, stating that he'd spoken to the gentlemen, on a different occasion, and his comments about the older men were unpleasant at best!!!!!!!

Not holding any ill-feelings towards the older gentlemen myself, mainly because I was raised to respect my elders, no matter one's race, and the (white) gentlemen were in their late 70s, one was a Vietnam Veteran and the other, part-Native American-Canadian descent,  and their pleasantries were far more humbling than the “other” Christian guy.

During the hour-long conversation, they did not speak ill of any other religious belief system, they simply quoted from bible scripture, which I found entertaining, and they also informed me how they live their lives by reframing from listening to certain music, not watching negative TV shows or movies, and pretty much identified, in their view, the key sources of evil and who they perceive are the evildoers that have plagued the Earth; the worshippers of Satan, that will ultimately meet their own demise, according to the "bible." 

While being obedient to bible scripture, and submissive to mankind’s self-destructive behavior, in their view, “God’s perfect plan to heal humanity is to watch mankind destroy itself, while blaming it on the devil.” 

Wow…  What a day…..    

So, before completing my meditation walk, I started back listening to an audio-book about the German philosopher, Goerg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, exhaling a sigh of relief from my earlier encounter.    During his era, Hegel, approached the veil or "Realism," beyond the confines of religious dogma, and we can learn a lot from his philosophy.

Absolute Truth
©  2017  Sy’needa Penland

Man’s heart,
yearns for absolute Truth;
To deliver him from
the womb of his
self-contained ego;

To deliver him from
accountability of
his immoral actions;

To deliver him from
the idealism of that
of another man;

Who implanted
the seed of thought
into the minds’
of mankind;

That he is not
the Savior,
nor the deliverer
of himself;

Religious Fallacies-
Contained in a box-
Labeled, “Vile Content,”
of the beguiled mind.”

As contagious as
any other form of
man-made dis-ease;
Invented to cure
the mind’s ability
to think beyond…

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