Monday, October 23, 2017

From the Archives.... When Old News becomes Relevant News.... Navy Commander’s Career in Limbo After Affair...

St. Marys, Georgia -- The 26-year career of a Navy officer is in question after he willfully disobeyed a superior commissioned officer.
Cmdr. Vincent J. Wood was removed from his job as executive officer of Trident Refit Facility at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay Aug. 24. Capt. Gunter Braun, commander of Trident Refit Facility, removed Wood from his position amid allegations of personal misconduct.
Wood was hospitalized after he was allegedly beaten by a jealous husband who believed he was having an affair with his wife, a civilian coworker at Wood's command.
According to Navy investigators, Wood's commanding officer learned of the alleged affair and ordered him not to communicate with the woman or come within 100 feet of her.
Wood violated that order two days later, according to Navy investigators.
Wood denied having an affair with the woman, but investigators determined otherwise.
An investigation showed Wood and the woman spoke dozens of times on his government-issued cell phone. Unofficial use of the phone is a violation of Navy rules.
Wood later used a personal cell phone in an attempt to hide his alleged continued contact with the woman, investigators said.
After a military protective order was issued, Wood was allegedly beaten by the husband after he caught the commander with his wife. The woman rode to the hospital with Wood and was with him in the emergency room when his commanding officer arrived, investigators said.
Rear Adm. Randy Crites, commander of Submarine Group 10, found Wood guilty of disobeying a superior commanding officer by violating the military protective order and for conduct unbecoming of an officer.
A board of inquiry will determine his future in the Navy.


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