Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My latest poetry piece, a tribute to America!


America the Beautiful
©  2017  Sy’needa  Penland

For the pain sake of
my fruitful Earth,
I give rebirth to thee;
Resurrected Spirits,
Lone Soldiers,
defenders of
Truth and Liberty.

Confederate Warriors
of our past,
proudly carry
the torch of thee;
America the Beautiful,
Great Statute of Liberty;

Alone in her moat,
the shackles you broke,
while heaving the tension
of the Queen’s mighty boats;

Body’s lay buried
along America’s creeks,
paved the way for the strong,
while Baron’s buried the week;

Decayed bodies
absorbed your pain,
your blood-stained shores,
once home of the Moors;
Great celestial navigators,
whose history reduced
to mere folklore;

European painters of fantasy
brought you to life–by illusion–
mere hypocrisy of the past–
the ultimate delusion;

Tales of conquered
shores–no more!
America the Beautiful,
is home to her shores!

Her Rainbows of Love,
from her Universal
Heavens above;
rebirthed into our hearts,
the Energy of Divine Love;

As Love is to Air,
Her Divine Essence
is everywhere;
As Air is to Earth,
she shall sow seeds
of rebirth;

As Water is to Fire,
Divine Passion
fuels her desire,
to cleanse her
shores of sin;

As the Season
of Divine Love
is restored
into her Soul,
once again.

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