Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My latest poetry piece..... In honor of Love, Peace and Unity!!

"Free Spirited" Energy
© 2017  Sy’needa Penland

Death of my soul awakens me,
along my quest for Divinity;
Rituals—entraps my mind
as my Spirit and Body intertwines
with the energy of Mother Earth;

The protector of my skin;
The giver of life,
of all Divine creations;

The knowledge you seek
lies beneath your feet;
Fusion of light energy;
Single ignition of the Divine Spark,
whose energy never goes out;

Gaseous – Liquid – Solid,
Crystal formation of Matter;
Dark Matter – Light Matter,
ALL (Life) Matter;
She doesn’t discriminate;
She loves us all the same!

Seek first within your soul
for the eternal flame
of the Divine Spark;
No meditation is required
to fuel her loving energy;
Her kinetic vibration
is in harmony with all life.

As a butterfly spreads it wings
during its journey of life,
let us learn from
Its Creation;
Its Mutation;
Its Transformation;
To become the Monarch
that we were born to be…
 "Free Spirited" Energy


Anonymous said...

Beautiful..... You are truly talented.

Syneeda said...

Thanks :)