Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sex, Lies and Whistleblower Retaliation!!! A Deeper Probe Inside the Hue City Chiefs' Mess Sex Scandal.

Not everything is as it seems!!  And this Navy Times article reads like a dramatic episode of a night time Soap Opera…  BORING!!!

Yet, what I find interesting about this ordeal is that an innocent person is caught in the middle and was “conveniently” linked to this unfortunate sex play and was found guilty of “Race” association, as a result of blatant retaliation.  There is definitely more to this story!!

The retaliation occurred after top executives learned that one of the “accused” had contacted the Navy Inspector General to report the “incompetence” of a senior member of the crew and “Race Favoring” of white personnel over minorities; something I’d witnessed on many occasions throughout my Navy career and discussed at length in my memoir.

Unfortunately, the sailor was denied “Whistleblower Protection,” as required by law and is facing an Administrative Board to determine his fate in the Navy!!

When I filed my lawsuit against the Secretary of the Navy, the intent was to ensure a law was established to prevent ongoing Retaliation of military personnel, while preserving the ethical integrity of our Armed Forces.

If we can’t entrust our military leaders to properly manage our billion dollar assets, who are sworn to an oath to preserve our Constitution and the Laws of our Country…  We can we trust?!  

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