Sunday, August 13, 2017

Senior Enlisted, "Minority" leadership, onboard the Navy Destroyer, USS Hue City, fall victim to "Racism, Retaliation and More....." Read their side of the story in this week Navy Times edition.

One of the victims of this bizarre "sex scandal" has reached out to me, to inform me that he is facing an Admin Board as a result of reaching out to the Navy Inspector General.  Not knowing all the facts surrounding this incident, I pray that Justice will prevail in the end!!

Like everyone else who’s been following this case, I'm waiting on pins and needles to read their version of the story.  

In his correspondence, he stated that he is a minority member of the crew and was retaliated against for following "protocol."

During my decade long "Fight for Justice," as a targeted military whistleblower, I was punished by my superiors for contacting the Navy Inspector General, Commander, US Fleet Forces Command, who I later discovered was in-charge of investigating "themselves," giving their command authority over my former bosses.  

Go Figure!!    

Throughout my case, which remains under the purview of the Board for Correction of Naval Records, I was a victim of ongoing retaliation for later contacting the DoD Inspector General, the FBI and the Department of Justice Anti-Trust Division.

Just in case you were wondering why I ended up in the brig and was subsequently kicked out of the Navy… To keep me quiet and to serve as a means of discrediting me, should I later decide to publically speak out about the blatant fraud I’d uncovered.  

The “Fat Leonard” Sex and Bribery Scandal was the tip of the iceberg, to provide more evidence of the internal Piracy that takes place within the senior ranks of the Navy!!!

As I have closed that chapter of my life, to walk a Divine Path of Righteousness, I leave one last bit of advice to our military leaders….  

Before you put on your uniform each day in service of our country and humanity as a whole, “Meditate to Calibrate your moral compass!!” 

Life isn't about how many lives you can screw over to preserve your military career or livelihood, because when it's all said and done, long after you retire from active duty service, you are forced to live with yourself and Karma has a strange way of “Righting All Wrongs!!!”

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