Sunday, August 6, 2017

Navy Cmdr. Steven Everhart, blue crew commander of the USS Pennsylvania, charged with conduct unbecoming an officer and adultery.

Navy Times reports, The former blue crew commander of the submarine Pennsylvania who was fired in June, is facing disciplinary action after a Navy investigation resulted in charges of adultery and conduct unbecoming an officer, Pacific Fleet officials said. 

An investigation verified that Cmdr. Steven Everhart violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice, according to Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman Cmdr. Corey Barker.

“Appropriate disciplinary and administrative actions are in progress,” Barker said in an email.

Everhart is currently assigned to the staff of Submarine Group Nine.

He was relieved June 23 by the head of Submarine Squadron 17 for what was then characterized as a loss of confidence in his leadership.

Everhart had taken command of the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine in January. 

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Food for thought:   The USS Pennsylvania, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, is considered the world’s most powerful killing machine, as highlighted in the following documentary.

I’m flagging this particular case to follow until the end, as the Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) continues to stall their final decision on my application for clemency. 

To think that in 2008, a Navy court-martial found me guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer and adultery (as a single person), I was sentenced to serve 60 days in prison, fined $9,600 and was subsequently discharged from the Navy without my pension benefits, and I had far less responsibility than CDR Everhart.

Yet I continue to beg the question, with so many officers involved in the "Fat Leonard" Sex, Fraud, and Bribery scandal, pleading guilty to having sexual relations with prostitutes, why are they (married officers) not being charged with conduct unbecoming an officer and adultery?!

“Selective Prosecution,” at its best I presume?!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, do you have any update on this case? I am wondering if he'll be detached or 'encouraged' to retire since in the first article following Everhart's relief in June, the spokesman stated that: "He has been administratively reassigned to the staff of Submarine Group Nine... No decision on detaching Everhart from the sea service has been made."

The wording makes it sound as though detachment was a possibility despite this being adultery and thus likely an extra-marital affair with a non-serving person, as opposed to there being a more serious frat charge as well indicating dalliance with another military person. Perhaps the nature of it was so extensive as to warrant consideration of detachment, whereas I have heard of COs who suffered DFC for frat (or worse!) before that have retained Navy employment and gone on to various ashore duties that actually seem half-decent assignments, or at least something more than token "last out the 20" type desk jobs.

Everhart's responsibility as a boomer CO was very high, and much greater than yours was as you say, so I'm very curious too to see his outcome in comparison to your own case. There has been no further press release however, and since it's unlikely to go to court martial are we even likely to hear an outcome of NJP?

Thank you.