Thursday, August 31, 2017

My latest poetry piece... Do we dare live out the aftermath, once again?!

The Aftermath
© 2017 Sy’needa Penland

There is a strong division
of human culture
that our eyes can see;
Such division
has long existed
throughout antiquity;

Barbarism has since arisen,
suppressed since
the beginning of time;
Buried deep within
Mother Earth’s core
by the Great Divine;

Fragmented pieces
of herself
Her ethereal-self,
Her evil-self,
Her resurrected-self,
Her Divine-self,
Her one-half
of a Divine whole-self;

Cosmic fragments
of galaxies unknown,
throughout the Universe
crystalline fragments roam;
Earth and other planets
it’s new haven–craving
to be united once again;

Cultures–divided by
the entity we call skin;
Barbarism has since arisen,
an evil reminder of
our ancestors' sins; 

Do we dare live out the aftermath – once again?

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