Thursday, August 31, 2017

My latest poetry piece... Do we dare live out the aftermath, once again?!

The Aftermath
© 2017 Sy’needa Penland

There is a strong division
of human culture
that our eyes can see;
Such division
has long existed
throughout antiquity;

Barbarism has since arisen,
suppressed since
the beginning of time;
Buried deep within
Mother Earth’s core
by the Great Divine;

Fragmented pieces
of herself
Her ethereal-self,
Her evil-self,
Her resurrected-self,
Her Divine-self,
Her one-half
of a Divine whole-self;

Cosmic fragments
of galaxies unknown,
throughout the Universe
crystalline fragments roam;
Earth and other planets
it’s new haven–craving
to be united once again;

Cultures–divided by
the entity we call skin;
Barbarism has since arisen,
an evil reminder of
our ancestors' sins; 

Do we dare live out the aftermath – once again?

Friday, August 25, 2017

Department of Defense Whistleblower Program... Know Your Rights!!

In the wake of the Navy’s ongoing collisions at sea, I highly encourage our young Sailors to adhere to Federal Regulations, as it applies to Rules for Preventing Collisions Afloat and in the Air. 

While the Pentagon and Congress prepare to commence JAGMAN investigations into these incidents and hold 'responsible' personnel accountable, I highly encourage individuals with any knowledge of further violations of Navy Regulations to report your concerns by means of protected communications to a member of Congress or the DoD Inspector General. 


1139.   Rules for Preventing Collisions Afloat and in the Air.

1.  All persons in the naval service responsible for the operation of naval ships, craft and aircraft shall diligently observe the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (Commonly called the COLREGS), the Inland Navigation Rules, domestic and international air traffic regulations, and such other rules regulations as may be established by the Secretary of Transportation or other competent authority for regulating traffic and preventing collisions on the high seas, in inland waters or in the air, where such laws, rules and regulations are applicable to naval ships and aircraft.  In those situations where such law, rule or regulation is not applicable to naval ships, craft or aircraft, they shall be operated with due regard for safety of others.

2.  Any significant infraction of the laws, rules and regulations governing traffic or designed to prevent collisions on the high seas, in inland waters or in the air which may be observed by persons in the naval service shall be promptly reported to their superiors, including the Chief of Naval Operations or the Commandant of the Marine Corps when appropriate.

3.  Reports need not be made under this article if the facts are otherwise reported in accordance with other directives, including duly authorized programs.

Department of Defense 
Whistleblower Program
Our investigators, auditors, evaluators and inspectors rely on whistleblowers to provide information as a source of allegations and as original and corroborating evidence.

Federal employees within the Executive are required to report corruption.  When they do so through the Inspector General Act of 1978, the DoD IG can investigate alleged reprisal against those whistleblowers. 

Whistleblowing is not a ‘nice to have’ function; it is essential to the national security and defense mission of the Federal government.

Our sources come to us personally; others are interviewees in our investigations, audits, evaluations, and inspections.  They can be Qui Tam relators under the False Claims Act, reporting to the Congress under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act, a participant in the Contractor Disclosure Program, or the Defense Hotline

To report corruption: 

To assist potential  whistleblowers, the Inspector General has designated a Whistleblower Protection Ombudsman for the Department of Defense. The Ombudsman is available to assist both civilian employees and military members, as well as members of the Defense intelligence community seeking protection under the Defense Intelligence Community Whistleblower Program. 

Protected whistleblowing is defined as disclosing information which the discloser reasonably believes evidences:
  1. A violation of law, rule, or regulation,
  2. Gross mismanagement,
  3. Gross waste of funds,
  4. An abuse of authority, or
  5. A substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.
Whistleblowers are protected by various government statutes and acts that prevent federal employees from taking any personnel action against an employee who has engaged in protected whistleblowing.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

"The Dick Gregory I Knew," a poetry piece....

“The Dick Gregory I Knew”
©  2017 Sy’needa Penland

Bold were your words,
when your voice was heard;
Your Truth spoke in vibration
with the Universe.

Balanced was your nature,
as you sought to bring
Harmony back into the
Heart of Humanity.

May your voice live on,
as we sing songs of Freedom;
Let it Ring this very night,
as your Star shines bright
in Heaven.

At the hour of 11,
I shall light a candle
in honor of
Your Activism,
Your Heroism,
Your Truthism;

May your voice live on
as we sing one last song,
Let Freedom Ring!
Let Freedom Ring!
Let Freedom Ring!,
You sing!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My latest poetry piece, which was titled by a Dear Friend, Fellow Veteran and Poet, Ret. Major Glenn MacDonald, who is STRONGLY encouraging me to host poetry recitals, to share my Love and Wisdom... Maybe this fall... After I've put my Case with the Navy to rest. But as long as they continue to condone retaliation, who knows....

© 2017 Sy’needa Penland and Glenn MacDonald

When is the World
going to Rise Up
against Hate?

When is the World
going to realize that
"We are What We create!"

When is the World
going to move forward,
to write a new
scripture in life;

When is the World
going to Unite in Love
and not strife?

When is the World
going to forgive and erase
all of its sins?

When is the World
going to welcome Love
into their hearts again?

Hate has a way of
eating at the core
of the human soul;

Hate has a way of
the Old;

Hate has a way of
making room
for the New;

Love should always 
be a reflection of
what we Say,
and what we Do!

L   -   O  -   V  -  E 
Evolve with Me…

To Love
and embrace

PLUTOCRACY Political Repression In The U.S.A. (2015) HQ FULL

Sex, Lies and Whistleblower Retaliation!!! A Deeper Probe Inside the Hue City Chiefs' Mess Sex Scandal.

Not everything is as it seems!!  And this Navy Times article reads like a dramatic episode of a night time Soap Opera…  BORING!!!

Yet, what I find interesting about this ordeal is that an innocent person is caught in the middle and was “conveniently” linked to this unfortunate sex play and was found guilty of “Race” association, as a result of blatant retaliation.  There is definitely more to this story!!

The retaliation occurred after top executives learned that one of the “accused” had contacted the Navy Inspector General to report the “incompetence” of a senior member of the crew and “Race Favoring” of white personnel over minorities; something I’d witnessed on many occasions throughout my Navy career and discussed at length in my memoir.

Unfortunately, the sailor was denied “Whistleblower Protection,” as required by law and is facing an Administrative Board to determine his fate in the Navy!!

When I filed my lawsuit against the Secretary of the Navy, the intent was to ensure a law was established to prevent ongoing Retaliation of military personnel, while preserving the ethical integrity of our Armed Forces.

If we can’t entrust our military leaders to properly manage our billion dollar assets, who are sworn to an oath to preserve our Constitution and the Laws of our Country…  We can we trust?!  

Full article:

Monday, August 14, 2017

When it comes to hard-core combat, certain duties should be left to the men!!

Navy Times reports, "The only woman in the Navy SEAL training pipeline has dropped out, a Navy special warfare official confirmed Friday."

The female midshipman voluntarily decided to not continue participating in a summer course that’s required of officers who want to be selected for SEAL training, Lt. Cmdr. Mark Walton, a Naval special warfare spokesman, told The Associated Press. The Navy has not released the woman’s name, part of a policy against publicly identifying SEALs or candidates for the force.

No other woman has started the long process required to become a Navy SEAL...

Full article:

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Senior Enlisted, "Minority" leadership, onboard the Navy Destroyer, USS Hue City, fall victim to "Racism, Retaliation and More....." Read their side of the story in this week Navy Times edition.

One of the victims of this bizarre "sex scandal" has reached out to me, to inform me that he is facing an Admin Board as a result of reaching out to the Navy Inspector General.  Not knowing all the facts surrounding this incident, I pray that Justice will prevail in the end!!

Like everyone else who’s been following this case, I'm waiting on pins and needles to read their version of the story.  

In his correspondence, he stated that he is a minority member of the crew and was retaliated against for following "protocol."

During my decade long "Fight for Justice," as a targeted military whistleblower, I was punished by my superiors for contacting the Navy Inspector General, Commander, US Fleet Forces Command, who I later discovered was in-charge of investigating "themselves," giving their command authority over my former bosses.  

Go Figure!!    

Throughout my case, which remains under the purview of the Board for Correction of Naval Records, I was a victim of ongoing retaliation for later contacting the DoD Inspector General, the FBI and the Department of Justice Anti-Trust Division.

Just in case you were wondering why I ended up in the brig and was subsequently kicked out of the Navy… To keep me quiet and to serve as a means of discrediting me, should I later decide to publically speak out about the blatant fraud I’d uncovered.  

The “Fat Leonard” Sex and Bribery Scandal was the tip of the iceberg, to provide more evidence of the internal Piracy that takes place within the senior ranks of the Navy!!!

As I have closed that chapter of my life, to walk a Divine Path of Righteousness, I leave one last bit of advice to our military leaders….  

Before you put on your uniform each day in service of our country and humanity as a whole, “Meditate to Calibrate your moral compass!!” 

Life isn't about how many lives you can screw over to preserve your military career or livelihood, because when it's all said and done, long after you retire from active duty service, you are forced to live with yourself and Karma has a strange way of “Righting All Wrongs!!!”

Friday, August 11, 2017 reports, "Who is Richard Spencer?" Trump's latest appointment to serve as the Secretary of the Navy.

 “President Donald Trump has chosen another money man to lead the Navy. Trump’s nomination of Richard V. Spencer to be secretary of the Navy is his second try at filling the job, after financier Philip Bilden decided not to serve because of the cost to his portfolio. Given Spencer’s wealth, it is not surprising that the Navy Times reported in early May that he “is also caught up in a mess of financial entanglements that have proved tricky to unwind.”

Another potential problem is the hostility of movement conservatives, who have criticized Spencer’s membership on the board of advisors of the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), a bipartisan foreign policy group that generally takes middle of the road, establishment positions. Spencer’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee was scheduled for June 22, but was postponed. If confirmed, Spencer would succeed Ray Mabus, who has served since 2009.

Richard Vaughn Spencer was born on January 18, 1954, in Waterbury, Connecticut, the son of Charles Eldridge Spencer III and Catherine (Ahern) Spencer. Spencer, whose father was owner and president of the Delson Hinge Corporation in Wolcott, Connecticut, and grandfather was president and chairman of the First National Bank of Boston, grew up in a privileged environment. He graduated from the exclusive Brooks School in North Andover, Mass., in 1972, and earned a B.A. in Economics at Rollins College in Florida in 1976. 

Upon graduation, Spencer joined the U.S. Marine Corps and served until 1981, rising to captain while serving with the Southern California-based 3rd Marine Air Wing as a helicopter pilot.

After leaving the Marine Corps Spencer was vice president of Spirit Airways, which operated a commuter helicopter service called Spirit Heliporter in San Francisco, before heading east to find his fortune on Wall Street.

Spencer worked on Wall Street for 16 years, from 1982 to 1998, at big Wall Street firms including Bank of Boston (his late grandfather’s firm), A.G. Becker, Paine Webber, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and Donaldson, where he was a director in the Private Equity Group, and Lufkin, Jenrette, where he was senior vice president in its Private Fund Group.

Spencer was the president of Crossroads Investment Management LLC., a venture capital and private equity fund-of-funds investment firm, from January 1999 to November 2001. He was responsible for private equity partnerships and direct/co-investments. He also was the head of client development activities.

He was vice chairman and chief financial officer of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc., an electronic commodity futures exchange, from November 2001 through January 2008, where he was responsible for the transition of the company from private to public. In January 2007, he became vice chairman of the New York Board of Trade.

Since 2008, Spencer has been the sole proprietor and managing partner of private investment company Fall Creek Management LLC of Wilson, Wyoming, which specializes in capital acquisition and management consulting. He is a director of Global Atlantic Financial Group, which specializes in protecting its clients’ “accumulation, income, wealth transfer and end-of-life needs.”

At the time of his nomination, Spencer was on the board of directors of eleven other corporations and companies, as well as five non-profits. Spencer is vice chairman of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation.

Spencer served on the Defense Business Board from 2009 through 2015, and was eventually its vice chairman. In 2010, while at the Board, he proposed saving taxpayer money by closing all 179 commissaries at domestic military bases and outsourcing the stores to private retail chains like Wal-Mart and Costco. Not only were the chains not interested, but the companies that sell goods to the commissaries objected and contacted members of Congress, who complained to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates…and the proposal was quashed. Spencer also chaired the Board’s task force on modernization of the military retirement system.

Since February 2016, Spencer has served on the Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel.

According to his ethics statement filed with the United States Office of Government Ethics, as secretary of the Navy he would resign from his positions with Global Atlantic Financial Group Limited, CX Technologies LLC, 86 Borders LLC, StarPound Technologies, Inc., ENGAGEcx, Global Atlantic Financial Life Limited, Ariel Re (Holdings) Limited, Commonwealth Annuity and Life Insurance Company, First Allmerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Accordia Life and Annuity Company, Forethought Life Insurance Company and Forethought National Life Insurance Company, as well as the five non-profits.

Spencer contributed to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and, before that, to the campaigns of George W. Bush and Mitt Romney.

Spencer, who resides in Wilson, Wyoming, has been married to Erin Linda Wolf since August 1983. The couple has two adult children, Averil and Pierce.”

-Matt Bewig, David Wallechinsky

To Learn More:

Hill Republicans Say They’re Growing Frustrated with Mattis (by Eli Stokols and Eliana Johnson, The Hill)


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Navy Cmdr. Steven Everhart, blue crew commander of the USS Pennsylvania, charged with conduct unbecoming an officer and adultery.

Navy Times reports, The former blue crew commander of the submarine Pennsylvania who was fired in June, is facing disciplinary action after a Navy investigation resulted in charges of adultery and conduct unbecoming an officer, Pacific Fleet officials said. 

An investigation verified that Cmdr. Steven Everhart violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice, according to Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman Cmdr. Corey Barker.

“Appropriate disciplinary and administrative actions are in progress,” Barker said in an email.

Everhart is currently assigned to the staff of Submarine Group Nine.

He was relieved June 23 by the head of Submarine Squadron 17 for what was then characterized as a loss of confidence in his leadership.

Everhart had taken command of the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine in January. 

Full article:

Food for thought:   The USS Pennsylvania, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, is considered the world’s most powerful killing machine, as highlighted in the following documentary.

I’m flagging this particular case to follow until the end, as the Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) continues to stall their final decision on my application for clemency. 

To think that in 2008, a Navy court-martial found me guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer and adultery (as a single person), I was sentenced to serve 60 days in prison, fined $9,600 and was subsequently discharged from the Navy without my pension benefits, and I had far less responsibility than CDR Everhart.

Yet I continue to beg the question, with so many officers involved in the "Fat Leonard" Sex, Fraud, and Bribery scandal, pleading guilty to having sexual relations with prostitutes, why are they (married officers) not being charged with conduct unbecoming an officer and adultery?!

“Selective Prosecution,” at its best I presume?!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

My latest poetry piece... "In Jesus' Name"

In Jesus’ Name
© 2017  Sy’needa Penland

Children of thy Universe,
I call upon thee;
Receive all that, I Am,
Divine Energy.

Waste not!
Want not!
In my realm,
it’s all the same;

Call upon thee
to absorb your pain;
When you give praise to
my Holy name.

For thee
I Am, above;
Infinite love.
As your energy
pours into my soul,
Divine life unfolds.

Layer upon layer,
is where I begin;
Fragments of my soul
exists within.

As skin is to flesh,
is as your Spirit
is to my Soul;

Conjoined within
my essence,
your sacred abode.

My name,
is your name,
in my realm
it’s all the same.

As I rescue you
from yourself,
once again,
in Jesus’ name.