Sunday, July 23, 2017

As the Pentagon “stalls” its decision on whether to uphold former President, Barack Obama’s military’s transgender policy, the Navy has opened its doors to train several women for its elite SEAL and Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman programs.

Can you say, "GI Jane!?"

I'm all for Equality but I would like to see these women (not transgenders) compete against some of the Navy's hard-core warfighters, "fair and square!!"  Without political influence, or to push a political agenda, like what we saw with the Army Rangers training program!!

As a triple-minority, I was forced to compete with men during each phase of my enlisted and officer career and I did not expect for the rules to be bent for me, but I did demand to be respected as a woman “on the job!!”

Throughout my entire Navy career, I had to prove myself 200%!!

As a female officer, I was forced to serve in isolated conditions, without female moral support, and through God’s Grace, I survived!!!  

As I bring that chapter of my life to an end, I’m thankful for my military experience because it helped to polish the woman I am today!!

Once these young ladies (not transgenders) complete the training satisfactory, again-without the rules being bent for them, I would be the First in line to salute them for a job Well Done!!!!!

I also offer the Pentagon a bit of advice before putting our young ladies in harm’s way, while they face potential hazards “On the Job,” which is to ensure their Civil and Human Rights are Protected and Upheld, in light of the ongoing sexual assault and rape scandals that have plagued our military, from the top – down!!  

I guess this will be a true test of strength and moral character for our young boys and girls as they put their best foot forward to represent the Navy’s best!! 

Yet I’m sure senior Pentagon officials are still trying to figure this one out…  Especially during HELL WEEK!!

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Anonymous said...

This will be an interesting story to follow, given the secrecy of the candidates names, which brings into question their true gender, as the concerns of Transgender Equality remains a Pentagon and Femenist agenda Hot topic.

You were right about the Army Rangers scandal, it was one huge media-political scandal.

I'm sure the Defense Department is going to handle this with kid gloves, as they deal with the Navy's top officials fraud scandal, involving Sex, Lies and Selling Secrets. As well as the overall issues of sexual assault and rape throughout the military.

You mentioned that you were a 3-time minority, am I missing something? You are obviously African-American female, what else...