Friday, June 9, 2017

Sexist remarks by Marine Corps leadership, puts Corps in Damage Control Mode!! reports, "Marine Corps leadership is in damage control mode after comments made by the general in charge of Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island in an interview with generated a furor online.

In a video posted to social media Thursday evening, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Glenn Walters said he had been asked about the article, which dealt with the Corps' efforts to make boot camp more integrated by gender.

In the interview, published Tuesday, Brig. Gen. Austin Renforth said the Marine Corps wanted to keep the early stages of recruit training separated by gender in part because female recruits tended to lack confidence when they arrived at boot camp, and having male recruits see them during the early days when they're struggling and emotional could make the wrong impression.

"I think we're trying to find, recruiting-wise, those women who were handed lacrosse sticks and hockey sticks growing up and not Barbie dolls," he said in the interview. "We don't always get that."

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