Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ongoing Navy Fraud... Ongoing Army Fraud... Ongoing Military FRAUD!!!... Meanwhile, our important Social Programs are being cut, while our Children and Elderly care is Suffering!!! Besides me, Who Really Cares?!!!

As a blogger, or Military Whistleblower (in most political circles nowadays) it appears that I can't escape news of fiscal corruption because it's blatantly become "The Way of Life," for a large majority our federal employees, from the Top …  Down!! 

If Congress/Trump continues to allocate trillions of our tax dollars on public safety, national security, and international defense, while billions of our tax dollars are being wasted in the coffers of our military, why is it so difficult to demand that our senior military officers "Simply do the Right Thing?!!  And be more fiscally responsible!!?

But when you are accustomed to the “finer things in life” on taxpayers dime (just ask Trump) you don’t want to give up the comforts of your lifestyle that easily. 

As a mid-grade officer/Whistleblower who was punished for “Doing my Job," NOT stealing from taxpayers, I’ve been forced to live without my hard earned pension for 8 years, and counting… and our Greedy “Corrupted” officer corps can learn to do the same!!  

Yet in their finite world, their sense of "Brotherhood Loyalty" teaches them that one hand washes the other, especially when you retire and become a defense consultant advisor... It’s about  upholding your oath to the “Brotherhood.”  At least for some... and then there are others…..

But when billions of dollars...  oops, trillions of dollars are being allocated to maintain our defense department, there are GREEDY officers who ignore their oath of office and put greed before integrity!

As much as I try to stay clear of reporting on the military's mishaps, I can always count on Major (Ret) Glenn MacDonald, Editor and Chief of MilitaryCorruption.com to keep me abreast of the military's latest scandals and his latest stories hits too close to home.

It appears that the Army is facing another corruption scandal involving, a nearly decade-long bribery scandal.


Fox News reports, “A U.S. Army colonel, along with his wife and a former defense contractor have been accused by a federal grand jury of a bribery scheme to defraud the government of more than $20 million. 

Prosecutors allege Col. Anthony Roper and his wife began a “bribery and kickback scheme” in 2008 in which they would seek and accept bribes in exchange for more than $20million in Army contracts to individuals and companies.


This story reminds me of a previous Army fraud case involving a number of Army officers, one in particular, the late Maj. Gloria Davis.  I never knew all the “alleged” details of her involvement in the Army’s fraud scandal and it truly disappointed me when I learned of the allegations.  May she RIP.

In late 2007, the New York Times covered the Army’s fraud case and you can read more about it here:

“US Says Company Bribed Officers for Work in Iraq.”

"Graft in Military Contracts Spread From Base"


As the Navy’s top brass continues to circle the wagons, to prosecute their scapegoats, Navy Times reports, retired Navy Commander, David Kapaun, charged in a growing corruption scandal pleaded guilty Tuesday to lying about his relationship with a Malaysian defense contractor known by the nickname “Fat Leonard.” 

As part of a deal with federal prosecutors, Kapaun entered the plea to a count of fraud and false statements in federal court in Honolulu involving his relationship with Leonard Francis (Fat Leonard), who prosecutors describe as “the center of colossal bribery and fraud scandal.”

This case gets more interesting by the minute…

Prosecutors can say all they want while cutting plea deals with thieves, meanwhile, the larger sharks have managed to escape prosecution, along with getting Fat Leonard out of the way so they can carry out their long–term plan to monopolize the Asian Pacific Area of Operation with their own defense contracting services!!   This is how the game is played!!!  

Simply follow the names, ranks, retirement-active duty status, and affiliated defense companies, including those that are Veteran Owned; especially those that are Veteran Owned!!!!!    Then you will catch the larger sharks!!!

Full article:  https://www.navytimes.com/articles/retired-navy-commander-pleads-guilty-to-fraud-in-fat-leonard-corruption-case

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