Thursday, June 1, 2017

No SHAME in the Navy's In-Justice System!!!!

As our recent high-school and college graduates prepare for the next phases of their young adult lives, I strongly caution them to choose their career path wisely!!

Several years ago, I published my memoir, Broken Silence, A Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice, to provide a “Survival Handbook” for aspiring “Warriors” seeking to join the military, to better serve our country.

Having served our country as a former enlisted Sailor and Naval Officer, I had the unfortunate opportunity to see what life was like on both sides of the fence; to summarize my experience as a Native American-African female, I would say that it was unjust at best.” 

Due to the low quotas for minority females in the officer ranks, I was constantly at a disadvantage throughout my Navy career and was forced to perform “above and beyond” my white male counterparts; my performance record speaks for itself!!

When I graduated Officer Candidate School, I was the only female in my graduating class and my follow-on assignments pretty much mimicked my OCS experience; be it harassment, racial discrimination and of course, sexual discrimination.

When I first embarked on my journey to “expose” the Navy’s Injustice system, I initially created this blog site as a means of “therapy,” but after realizing that my profile-blog is being viewed by a number of foreign countries, I decided to be more forthcoming about how I view a number of injustices in this country, all linked to how minorities are being mistreated as a whole.

As a survived victim of the Navy’s Injustice system, I’m forced to revisit the traumatic events surrounding my military tribunal and this time of year is an extremely difficult one for me; considering that the Board for Corrections of Naval Record (BCNR) continues to live up to its reputation!!

Just this morning, I called the Board’s administrative staff for clarification on the timeframe I should anticipate receiving a formal decision letter, independent of the US Attorney's office vague response in their Status Report, to Judge Collyer's recent court order, which stated that I would receive it "shortly."

I was so traumatized after the brief conversation with one of their staff members, I fear that my blood condition has escalated!!  

After I was able to calm my nerves, my immediate relief was to further expose their mistreatment of military veterans, via their Injustice System!! 

The administrator was extremely rude, unprofessional and she kept yelling in my ear!!!! When I politely asked to speak with her supervisor, she hung up on me and when I attempted to call back (dialing each of the numbers listed on their website), each call went to voice mail.

On April 21, 2016, Judge Collyer, made her final ruling on my Civil Action case, citing "Whistleblower Retaliation (Civil Action No. 13-1465 (RMC)) thus closing my case and remanded it back to the Navy for final adjudication.

One year after her final ruling, the BNCR continued to delay their review as well as providing a timely response to the Judge’s recent Court Order.

When I spoke to the representative this morning, independent of her rudeness, it appears that I am still in “que,” which is what the BCNR’s case manager, Jessica Pyburn, stated in several of her emails for the past year, as I was being held in abeyance. 

In her last email, which prompted me to file a new motion, she’d requested that I summarize the evidence that I’d initially provided to the Board when I first submitted my application in 2012.  Apparently, she was “too busy” with other cases to review my evidence. Given that she is a retired JAG who had previously worked at the Board, her behavior is expected.  

As the Women’s Veteran community continues to build their momentum for “Fair and Equal Justice,” I will continue to do the same.

As our Civil Rights grievances further amplify our Human Rights abuse while serving in the Armed Forces, it is time that our grievances be presented before a Higher Court of Law, independent of Congress, who obviously have their own agendas!!

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